American Savage


Auteur : Savage Dan

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Publié le 28-05-2013
Type de reliure : Livre éléctronique
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On the heels of his Emmy-winning It Gets Better campaign, Dan Savage delivers 'powerful messages for both the head and heart' (Entertainment Weekly) From the moment he began writing his syndicated sex-advice column, Savage Love, Dan Savage has never been shy about expressing his opinion on controversial topics-'political or otherwise. Now, he addresses issues ranging from parenting and the gay agenda to the Catholic Church and health care. Among them: Why straight people should have straight 'pride' parades, too Why Obamacare, as good as it is, is 'still kinda evil' Why what passes for sex-ed in America is more like 'sex dread' Why the Bible is 'only as good and decent as the person reading it' Speaking to a broad range of subjects with brutal honesty and irreverent humor, American Savage cements Dan Savage's place as a provocative and insightful voice in American culture.

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Auteur : Savage Dan